And now we start

First week of teaching kicked off with the trial at Jingu-en cafe in Omotesando and then down in Ebisu.

It’s an exciting adventure for me because I love teaching, seeing people grow and developing their skills. I can’t wait for the next class because there are always people who want to learn for travel, work or personal development. So many reasons for so many people.

For myself, I’m learning Japanese to improve my skills and also to prepare for the next wave of Japanese business excellence. Am I dreaming? Perhaps, but it’s a dream worth believing in as more and more of Japan sinks to all time lows on economic and social scales.

So what did we talk about in the first lesson? Well, clubbing and bush walking basically. 2 couples meet in a club and talk about their love of bush walking. It was a good chance for my class to practise their general conversation skills and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Great work guys, see you soon.

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One Response to And now we start

  1. Mykal says:

    Very excited for you dude. We’ll be cheering you on from wayyyy back at the starting line =P

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